What I Love About Food: Part 1


For the first time this week, I have time to sit down and write a bit! I sat a midterm on Russian and Eurasian political economy today, and I think it went pretty well; probably owing heavily to the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a girl in my study group made for us last night. One thing I love about food is that it can really bring people together even under extreme circumstances, such as attempting to memorize the exact spelling of the names of Soviet leaders. Trust me, its much more difficult than it sounds. Too many consonants!

A guy in the study group actually noted how well freshly baked cookies go with studying- that he felt like he actually enjoyed the material more when he was enjoying that chewy, chocolatey goodness. I can’t say I had thought about it that way before, but he brings up an interesting point! I wonder if anyone has ever conducted a study to understand the effects of food on concentration and emotions. Let me know if you have any information on this!




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