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Taken in a train station in Berlin, Germany

Taken in a train station in Berlin, Germany

I’m Aliza. I’m a senior at the University of Southern California studying international relations and business, hailing from the San Francisco area. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, I was surrounded by an entrepreneurial spirit that inspired me every day and led me to my strongest conviction: never give up on something you care about.

I remind myself of this mantra daily, and use it most often when dealing with passions of mine outside of the academic world. I am passionate about many things, but baking was my first and truest love. I’m not entirely sure when this love affair started- it might’ve been the moment I tasted my first bite of chocolate cake, but I suspect this infatuation began when I was finally old enough to participate in our family tradition of baking traditional Jewish cookies called Hamentaschen for  the Jewish holiday, Purim. I have fond memories of making these cookies with my mom and sister, telling jokes and throwing flour around the kitchen as we baked.

To this day, baking holds a sense of nostalgia and relaxation for me, much more so than any other activity I like to do. They say baking is an exact science, and though I agree I also feel that baking allows me to step out of my daily routine of calculating and thinking and to just create. Plus, there’s that added bonus of getting to eat afterwards 🙂

I’ve put off my love of baking to pursue another passion- international relations. But as I transition from the college bubble into the real world where I have to get a job (!) and be a principled adult with responsibilities, I have begun to realize that I’ve also been pushing my mantra aside in favor of pursuing something far more rational. And so, I’m starting this blog in an attempt to return to my conviction that you should never give up on something you’re passionate about.

If you’ve read this far, props to you and thank you! I hope we can enjoy this ride together.

Happy baking!



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